Track: Norisring
Location: Germany, Bavaria
Track length: 2,300 km
Track Profile:
  • 4 curves
  • Despite the short lap length, the Norisring has it all, it is a sprint between the two turning points, the Grundig-Kehre and Dutzendteich, with extreme braking maneuvers.
  • There are virtually no run-off zones at the Norisring, only at the two turning points. Otherwise, there's a wall or guard rail - and behind them the spectators are already cheering.

  • When people talk about the Norisring, they often refer to it as the "Franconian Monaco. It's a street circuit with a long tradition, just like the Formula 1 circuit in Monte Carlo.
  • Drivers reach a top speed of 245 kilometers per hour on the long start and finish straight.
  • Like Monaco, the Norisring is a non-permanent race track built on public roads only for Speedweekend in Nuremberg every year.
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