Red Bull Ring

Track: Red Bull Ring
Location: Austria, Spielberg (Styria)
Track length: 4,318 km
Track profile:
  • 10 curves
  • Embedded in a beautiful natural landscape, this circuit is especially special because of its slope. The maximum uphill gradient is 12%, the maximum downhill gradient is 9.3%. Three long straights with hard braking points guarantee action and overtaking maneuvers, while the fluid middle section demands precision.

  • Among other things, the track in Styria is known for hosting the Austrian Grand Prix of Formula 1. In April 2023, the Red Bull Ring already hosted the DTM test and media days.
  • The construction of the 92-meter long and 20-meter wide building required 900 tons of steel.
  • 1.6 tons. This is the weight with which the Formula 1 cars are pressed onto the road thanks to their rear wings. The result: shorter braking distances and higher cornering speeds.
  • 6 G. This is the insane weight force with which F1 drivers are pressed into their seats in the corners - almost twice as much as is applied to an astronaut during the launch of a space shuttle

DTM results:
Race 1:
Thomas Preining | Position 06
Dennis Olsen | Position 10
Race 2:
Thomas Preining | Position 03
Dennis Olsen | Position 05

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